Lfo Device

Just like with the ‘L Delay’ & ‘R Delay’ in the delay-effect I’d like to assign the ‘frequency’ slider in LfoDevice to pattern steps, would be really useful for making precise gates!

I’d also like to have tag on-off button that makes it active only during play, also making it possible to set a start value. Should take out the randomness of its behaviour and give full control and flexibility.

What do you say? :)

Even better (and I’ve suggested this before): custom LFO waves!

Imagine, instead of being confined to sine, saw, triangle, noise, etc…you can simply draw your own wave that the LFO device would follow. That would be so powerful! Now imaging being able to automate the ‘points’ in the wave!

:dribble: :dribble:

How about adding a filter device and attached to it, an LFO device under your tracks and then use the automation to draw your desired waves?
(you can do this at current)
Even though it’s not related to the instrument itself, can be yet as effective as long as you isolate the desired instrument you want to apply this kind of effect on.(meaning you only use that particular instrument in that whole track)

Good ideas indeed! I think more or less everyone who has used the LFO misses these features…

Although I don’t see the use for turning off the LFO when stopped. What’s the purpose?