Lfo Envelope Gui

i have always wondered why, when you click on the Sine LFO preset, it does not show you the editor. it would open up things a bit more i think. i know it is not that hard to model your own sinewave in the editor, but it would be nice to see the random shape and edit that, for example. thoughts?

also, when i automate the LFO shape to switch between sine and custom, it makes my DSP chain jump around because it has to show/hide the editor. this can be quite inconvenient when tweaking settings while your device keeps jumping away from your mouse.

+1 from me!

I guess the first four shapes are not stored in the LFO-device as envelopes. They are rather algorithmic. Random shape won’t be random if it was fixed to some defined shape.

EDIT: And for the jumping dsp chain just minimize the LFO device.

As eeter correctly pointed out, only the Custom type actually uses the envelope points to define its shape, while the other shapes are generated algorithmically and do not really have an envelope that you edit.

yes, i figured that much.

for the jumping dsp chain: damn, i cannot believe i did not think of that myself.