Lfo - Flip And Mirror?

Is there a chance to get the LFO processing actions “Flip” and “Mirror” as automateable feature(s)? This would be most awesome!!!

i second this. but i second any request that calls for more automatable stuff :D

You mean in the LFO dsp? As a work around can you make your own flipped or mirrored version of a standard waveform in the custom lfo shape and automate between that and the original version? This is way less awesome because you don’t have too many choices (without using multiple instances).

What do you think about automatable phase for mirror function? More default waveform choices or more custom slots?

Edit: poorly worded… i don’t mean phase to replace mirror function, i mean in addition to…

Yes, want this. Very much.

“You can draw your own custom waveforms” is cool, but most of the time what I want is a flipped or reversed version of one of the defaults. (and drawing it is a bit of a pain)

Maybe we should create a library of lfo presets… hm…

For what it’s worth, “flip” can be accomplished by routing the lfo through the input of a hydra, and inverting the ‘min’ and ‘max’ parameters on the hydra’s output.

Hope that helps,

That’d make you run into problems, when you have to run through a loop and can’t control the retriggering anymore, as soon as the loop is faster than your LPB settings are.

Another, pain in the ass workaround is to…
wait, no, actually that won’t work.
err… +1! ;)


now all we need for a really good suggestion still is someone who draws the mockup and puts it next to a picture of something stupid with the explanations and then the connotation “Good idea / Bad idea”