Lfo + Gainer Ramping

Lets imagine I have an LFO controlling the gainer device from -inf to 0db, basically on and off.

It is running at 2.0 LPC, which toggles the sound on and off every other cycle.

Internally, are these three examples considered differently as to how “sharp” the audible switch in amplitude is?

  • when using the pulse oscillator.

  • when using a custom LFO with the minimum necessary points to emulate the pulse osc.

  • when using 64 points to eumlate the pulse oscillator, cutting the amplitude at 32.

My impression is that in one or more of the cases, it takes the time of an entire tick to ramp the sound.

Also… from the LFO tutorial:
“The amplitude, offset and LPC sliders are completely ignored in custom mode.”

The hours I spent last night did not make this seem to be true :P I hope I am not crazy.

My purpose for knowing is that I want the time it takes for the amplitude to change to be as short as possible, not so there are overly audible clicks, but I want it to behave more like an on/off switch than something with mushy ramping.

I’ve discovered that using gate/threshold rather than gainer/amp lets me get a much sharper cut in amplitude when using the lfo.