Lfo Gate In Tempo Mode

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to control a gate via an LFO in tempo mode (1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 etc …)
It seems this is not possible in Renoise (YET!)
but surely there must be a vst plugin out there that does this?

Please let me know because I can’t find any :o

Not sure if i understood you right, but can’t you use an LFO Device with a square wave connected to a gainer? Then automate the speed of the LFO.

Edit: Ok… i see now, the LFO device is limited to lowest 1 LPC and won’t acceppt smaller values like 0.5 for example. Wonder why this has changed, didn’t the old device had control down to tick level?

Here is a tempo controlled VST gate: http://www.tweakbench.com/cairo


That’s nearly what I wanted.
The problem with Cairo is : you cant specify 1/8t or 1/8d, you’re stuck with 1/8…

I tried with many vst’s so far to no avail…

Maybe Stormgate could be something, it allows one to draw own curves and also supports triplets, not sure about dotted values, but you could maybe draw them in.

Edit: forgot link


Of course this is possible. Use LPCs of 1,2,4,8 and control a gainers gain with it. Use a 02XX on the pattern start (assuming the LFO is the second device in the chain) to control the phase of the LFO.

At speed 6 using a square wave in the LFO at 1 LPC reset with 1680 (assuming LFO is first in the list) in the effect command list one could get down to 1/32th resolution but not lower (a half line). Using lower speeds like 12 would even half that again. The old device allowed to input ticks if i remember right. Not sure what you mean with the pitch command. Also a small note, i think the little square wave picture on the LFO device should be mirrored vertically to reflect how it’s working,. it starts to close and then opens.