Lfo In Z3Ta Not In Sync With 2.7.2 Version Of Renoise

Hello there. I wrote some track in 2.6.1, now i try to load it in 2.7.2 and have some errata:

  1. not in sync of LFO cycle in z3ta. it was set to HOST sync, but starting the LFO cycle not preciese in phase (in 2.6.1 all works fine)
  2. not in sync with arpeggiator in Albino 3. (in 2.6.1 works fine)

I download 2.6.1 and trying to compare. It’s perfect in sync in 2.6.1

The “upgrade to latest version of Renoise” was done with the same (bad) result.

Post xrns and z3ta/albino presets here on demand.