Lfo not in sync

To make it easier I uploaded the file:

It seems that when I automate the gainer(attached to lfo) in the instrument section , lfo seems not to operate as it should , syncing goes on and off . Disabling the gainer’s automantion fixes the issue . Why is it behaving like that? What is wrong with my setup?

Edit: well , even removing gainer automation doesnt help .Lfo seems to be out of sync randomly when playing the pattern at different times

Edit2 : seems I had to automate the reset button , not sute why I forgot that lfo is not synced whenever you play the song.therefore I used keytracker to sync

Any better solution inside instrument fx?

Key tracker or velocity tracker are good, but formula offers some nice benefits if you want strict beat syncing. Beat-synced LFO Doofer

I also like to use a key tracker and dummy trigger sometimes, especially if I want to have the lfo cycle in anything other than a regular pulse. I show the method in this video if you’re interested

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