Lfo One Shot: Don'T Update Value When Finished?

I’ve got a small request for the LFO device:
if i use the LFO one shot mode to eg. automatically fade a track in or smoothly turn another device parameter on then it would be nice if the bound target value is not updated any more when the one shot envelope is finished, because the target value (if manually altered afterwards) is always set back to the final LFO value after a few moments…
The target value should be changable until the LFO reset button/value is set and the one shot is triggered again…

So you’re saying when a One Shot LFO gets to the end it holds the end value as if the LFO was there, stopping you from using Automation without turning the LFO device Off?

I think I agree, once a One Shot has finished it shouldn’t be being read any more (at last point) but at least you can work around by turning the device Off with the pattern command.

Yes, the final LFO value is hold until you reset it, you can try it by yourself.
Turning the device off isn’t really a workaround if you want to do all by MIDI controllers because the device on/off isn’t MIDI mappable yet. Or am i wrong?

Bumping this one. I really think that a One Shot LFO should suspect itself/go to a null value on competition of its cycle. Even if it’s a (non-automatable) check box within the LFO GUI.