LFO or Stepper to Phrase LBP

I was looking into this on the forum, and hadn’t found any possibilities (yet).

I had created a pattern and am able to set each note in a chord with its own 0YXX value. Sweet! Now I get random chord structure within my pattern.

Then I wanted to see if I could change the speed at which these chords are struck by affecting the LPB in the Phrases area, separate from the tempo of the rest of the song. This would be a GREAT feature in the Phrases section. That would create all sorts of melodic and rhythmic polyrhythms and/or allow notes to be ‘off tempo’ if desired. Another fancy feature to create even more generative music!

To reinforce my point. Not in the actual song area, but in the Phrases area.

If one was really dreaming big, the Timestretch function that was just added could be modulated by an LFO or Stepper to stretch audio loops. Would be fun! Probably CPU intensive.