Lfo - Random Slide

Don’t know if it’s been suggested before but here it is :
instead of having random numbers, say 10, go to 50, go to 40, why not have this :
10, slide to 50, slide to 40?

So 10, 50 and 40 would be the random numbers the randomize setting chooses, but instead of going to them straight, why not smoothly slide to them?

Tell me if I’m not making much sense, I’m not too good at explaining stuff.


You’re talking about inertia. You can find something similar on the native Filter, where it’s possible to smoothly slide from one cutoff to another. The idea of adding this type of inertia to the meta devices has been discussed a few times in other threads. Recently, kRAkEn/gORe actually scripted something that you might find useful, if you’re using the latest Renoise 2.8 beta: Inertial Slider

I guess u need this

Is it random?
I may be mistaken but can’t inertia be simulated by using several lfo’s?
But then this wouldn’t be random …
Oh and I find the add/remove pattern very strange in Rn 2.8 beta, I wonder why it got changed since it worked perfectly in 2.7, hence I stay away from 2.8 for now.

The main change in 2.8 is that we now auto-sort pattern numbers by default. You can easily disable this behaviour if you prefer to do so. Just right-click one of the pattern sequence slots and disable “Keep Sequence Sorted”. Maybe this is more comfortable for you?

Anyway… kRAkEn’s Formula Device inertia example can perform the type of smoothing that you’re looking for. You would connect your random LFO to the Formula Device, then connect the Formula Device to the parameter you want to smoothly randomise. We obviously don’t have smoothing on the LFO yet, and it’s not possible to simulate it any other way, so this is the best available method at the moment.

Here’s a little demo song you can check out:
2913 renoise-2-8-formula-device-inertia.xrns

So it’s LFO -> Inertial Slider (Input) and Inertial Slider -> parameter-to-be-smoothed.
Brilliant! :yeah:

And thanks also for the option to not order automatically. Maybe I’m used to it from the olden days (OctaMed on Amiga and FastTracker/MadTracker on pc) … :)