LFO Reset issue-- Doofer effect commands ignored if value hasn't changed?

Maybe it’s not a bug but more of an inconsistency:

If I want to reset an LFO every pattern, I can put a reset command in the effects column: XX00
This works as expected

However, if I place that LFO inside a doofer, and assign one of the macro knobs to the LFO’s reset button, it appears that any pattern commands using that macro will be ignored unless there is a change in value. Since I’m always resetting the LFO to the start (00), it will always be ignored.

Currently I can work around this by placing a higher value in another FX column to the left.

Is there a reason Doofers work like this? I don’t know of any other native effect or plugin that behaves this way

Not sure if there’s a reason for the Macros to behave this way, but it seems like bangs only occur on value changes generally, on the automation side of things.

A simple workaround is to set the Doofer Macro range to min 0, max 0, then any input value will bang zero (or whatever other value you want) on your lfo reset. Not visually elegant, but does the job

Thanks, that does help. At least it doesn’t take up 2 effects columns.

You’re probably right that effects just listen for a parameter change instead of monitoring each parameter every step. Maybe the reset button is a special case.

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