Lfo Timing

Would like to see multiple modes of timing options in the lfo device not just LPC e.g. Hz and Beats

I wanted this, too. Here, at least I have for Hz timing.

I found a formula for the formula device. Load one, set it up to control LFO speed. Then put in the lower right corner where it sais "y = " the following line:


The first value (10) is a multiplier, so the first slider of formula device from 0…1 will map to 0 to 10 Hz. I thought that a reasonable range, but you may change it.

You enter the speed with the first of the three sliders, named “A”

So A = 0.100 is exactly 1.0 Hz … A = 0.050 is 0.5 Hz and so on.

You may enter exact fractions by double clicking the value next to the slider and entering the value with keyboard number keys in text. Renoise will display rounded then, but internally it will keep your input in much greater precision.

The formula device will follow BPM and LPB changes, and keep your LFO in sync as long as the devices are connected.

For syncing with beats is another formula.


Again the value 10 is a multiplicator for the input, so slider range 0…1 goes from 0 to 10 beats, you may change the value.

No beats mode, but HZ is doable.


looks like a nice convenience tool.

calculating a lpc value from a beats per cycle is trivial - just multiply with LPB (lines per beat) value.

ofc my formulas were referring to the LFO meta device, not the modulation LFOs, I have not looked into them yet

In the modulation LFO there are only milliseconds and beats options.

Would be cool to have LPC and ticks per cycle