the LfoDevice is great feature but the functionality isn’t correct i think:

it’s not possible to make a lfo with a low amplitude (10%, offset is 0%) that creates a effect-values from 0 to 10 (e.g. if the complete effect-range is 100)

i think the lfodevice works not logical yet or it’s a bug … don’t know …

the lowest value of the amplitude should be the offset-value!


I’ve noticed this too… is this a bug, a “feature”, or an intended operation?

I didn’t write this, and I haven’t tested it much, but I’d think that the offset is the center of the lfo output, so try setting the offset to 5% and amplitude to 5%. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m just guessing here (this is how I would think it should work).

produces a effect value-range (e.g. track-volume) from 20 to 25

i think it’s a bug …

i think it would be nice if i could set the lfo rate in the same bpm as the song.
maybe with the same sollution as in the delay.

i said to taktik about that “bug” already, it’s fixed now.

p.s. i think it would be better if LFODevice would be OFF by default, because it squizz another params while you’re trying to set needed ones.

it’s fixed too ;)