Libraries, Resources and other Noob Stuff

Is there a website that tells your what a good bassline should be, for example, E, Eb, A. Same for Tom rolls, A, A, D, A, E#. Something where I don’t have to waste time experimenting and can just look and transpose good basslines and drum rolls quickly. I know purists are gonna hate but go ahead - I just want to get to awesome sounds as fast as possible. Don’t care if I borrow and modify. That’s what music has done for generations.

It doesn’t work that way. A bassline can’t be good on its own, it only makes sense in the context of song. Same goes for any other instrument. Your best bet will be going for so-called “construction kits” with MIDI loops and stuff. However, I strongly recommend to learn some music theory instead. “Music Theory for Computer Musicians” by Michael Hewittis a good one.

That’s what music has done for generations.

What’s been done for generations is musicians actively listen to a variety of music, noting things that strike them as interesting. They imagine these sounds in different contexts and apply their own variations to create something that, while informed by previous music, also offers something new.

The better stuff comes from those who “waste time” experimenting.

It sounds like you’re looking for the musical equivalent of clip art and coloring books.

I don’t have a website but I advice you the best software ever!