Library For Playing Renoise Files

Does anybody know if there exist any libraries for using tracker music in, for example in your own games? Maybe for Renoise music without VSTs?
We would need to be allowed to access and “see” the tune data, not just have a black box that plays the music. For example, to be able to see if the player for example performs some action in time with some rhythm for example.

If I would, let’s say, want to create a game with dynamic music, where should I start?

I’m not the coder, I’m the musician. But I would like to know if there is one format that’s better over another here? I can’t say yet about languages, java maybe? Plaforms? Android, for example? This is very preliminary, but I would be grateful if somebody could give me some pointers to somewhere, or hear comments if somebody has done a project like this.

that’s a quiet intriguing topic, I bump your question about what is the most suitable music format for games with a dynamic music (like the fantastic iMuse system developed by Land/McConell :rolleyes: )

Though I am afraid this really depends on the Platform you are targeting and is quiet sophisticated & confusing :wacko:
I mean it ain’t as cut and dry as it once was with the simple “soundtracker.mod” but I hope we can be proved wrong, somebody can :unsure: ?

There are game engines that support tracker formats, yes. For example: Unity Game Engine.

The Renoise format, however, is another story.

Renoise is based on the design principles of mod trackers, and is developed in an open way (XML, Lua API, etc,) but it’s closer to something like Garageband in the way that it saves files.

There’s not really a good reason to use XRNS in video games. First, because there is no playback library but mostly because Renoise has many built in effects, routing options, is CPU intensive and is always changing. It’s would be the equivalent of embedding Garageband into your video game. Not a very intelligent use of processing power, or idea in general.

For this reason most video games these days use MP3/OGG, which Renoise exports.

Clever programmers have built tools like XRNS to XMOD and other hacks (navigate with left and right arrow keys) to do the job.

Hope this helps.

Correction:Renoise exports WAV that you can convert to MP3 with other 3rd party tools like Lame.

Wooops, right. Good call.

Android supports some special format (jet?) that is created from a standard midi file using some tool. Think it does what you need, but not sure how good sounds it can do. google android sdk audio

fmod + milkytracker for that sort o’ stuff

You mean this FMOD: ?

So I understand correctly it supports tracker formats too? I am just thinking of starting to learn WWISE, but I’ll keep this in mind too if this is so!