License Transfer


Do you guys have an official channel for transferring licenses? I sold my renoise license, changed the email etc, but is there an official way to transfer it? I tried emailing support over a week ago and no response.


You can always send an email to taktik at renoise com to also change address and name data if you desire, because these things have to be changed by the backstage admin.

jjbutler88: we got no mail from you in the support@ queue. Have you used support renoise com for this mail or something else? You can PM me or contact me directly at (taktik renoise com) to get this sorted out…

I first emailed the address, but it gave a mailserver error, so I logged into backstage and sent one through there (as well as a copy of the error to the tech support guys). I think it is fixed now, so I will try again.