Lies? (Coronavirus) By PanosK

Well the corona virus epidemic is making me very suspicious.I believe this was done intentionally and i don’t know who or why but time will tell.

So you think you got away again
So you think you are untouchable
Well i have some news for you today
I am coming for you
I am coming for you

I m the one who ll hunt you down
I m the one who ll make you suffer
What you ve done cannot be undone people are dying


That’s great again!!! Great voice … somewhere in between Genesis P. Orridge (RIP) and Layne Staley (RIP).

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Thanks man

i made a track about it too. taking the piss out of this propagandemic campaign

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Yep f@ck them all!!I am no longer a sheep i can understand things and i can see behind their plastic words and fake speeches.In another forum, l want say were, they deleted my track because they dont support conspiracy theories :laughing:go figure.Cool track man.