Lifespan of eurorack synth modules?

Out of curiosity I was wondering how long does a typical eurorack module last? Do they go for years with no issues or can some of them burn/fry themselves out with too much usage?

I don’t have any eurorack myself , but I think it depends on the qualtiy of components that are used .
Some might have a bigger failure rate then others
better to ask on the MUFF WIGGLER forum

I don’t actually own any either, but I’m considering starting a very small set-up to expand the capabilities of a Make Noise 0-Coast I bought a while back. Did a quick google search but got no real decent answers. I’ll ask on Muff Wiggler so and see what they say on there. Cheers

I would not worry much, have an Ms-404, which was Doepfer’s entry into the Synthesizer Market
Afterwards he publishes the a-100 Modular system, First Eurorack-Format
The Ms-404 and a Marin Mountain Bike are the two oldest things in my House

Do you already have concrete ideas, wishes? (Modulargrid)
i startet last Week with a TipTop-Happy-Ending Rack and a Xaoc Device Moskwa Modul

Woh the Ms-404 launched back in '94 according to Google, and your’s is still going fine? Guess I’ve nothing to worry about so. I was concerned that maybe overusing modules would damage them.

I’ve not researched too far into it yet really, just sort of planning ahead for the future. I’m kind of getting fed up of working solely on a laptop, and it’s getting kind of old to so I’m a bit concerned about how much I’m pushing the CPU to do complicated audio processing. I was thinking that a nice modular setup would mean I wouldn’t have to worry about CPU and I could play it like an actual instrument which would be more enjoyable right now.

I came across a youtube video about entry level modular setups and in it there was one setup that had a 0-Coast in it so I figured it’d be a good entry point for me.

Here’s the setup on modulargrid(dot)net:

  • Tiptop Audio uZeus
  • Make Noise 0-Coast
  • Erica Synths Black 8-Multi v2
  • Make Noise Maths
  • A replica of a Mutable Instruments Clouds (or an actual Mutable Instruments one if I can get hold of one)
  • Expert Sleepers Disting mk4

Not overly complicated, and fairly cheap price wise. I reckon it’d be a decent start for creating some interesting sounds. I’d use Renoise to sequence the 0-Coast to start and then eventually replace it with sequencer modules, then add some other things like quantizers, clock dividers, and VCAs, etc.

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ms-404 could not sell it anymore, the filter has never worked properly (general problem with the first series) lame envelopes and he has quirks, but it work

disting, maths and maybe clouds is also at my wishlist :slightly_smiling_face:
previously alm busy circuits workout (modular master) or expert sleeper fh-2 (ipad master) can not decide yet
would like syncronize ipad, drum machine, ms-404+moskwa and a moog dfam with different clock times
i still like pc/software prefer more, to work out for detailed or live playing + recording

As for the life span, for ever! You may have to make little repairs and/ or replacements of the manipulable components such as pots after a long time ={P but other than this man… they are AWESOME for keeping value and if you treat them as they should be treated - last for ever!

If you have any questions starting out (you or anyone rally) let me know! I am more than happy to assit anyone into the hobby. <-- Great little starting article.

What a random case :wink:

Maths is BY FAR the best module evar!