Like to have some midi expertise


I have a little question:

In renoise 1.2 I was working on a song and evrything was going really good, this afternoon i installed renoise 1.25 and wanted to work on the same song again. but now I have some delay(a few milli-seconds) problems with renoise and my waldorf micro Q synthersizer. ;) ;)

I don’t know what the problem is but it’s really annoying, because the whole song doesn’t sound “synchrone” anymore ;) .

Some Midi-expertise would be appreciated.

Thank in advance,

JR B);)

Have you changed your hardware settings (ASIO instead of DirectSound or using a different Latency) ?
If not, you can still adjust the timing of MIDIinstruments by adjusting the “Delay” slider in the MIDI Instrument settings. Hope this helps.


I also tried the KX driver but it won’t work for me??? I’ll try thr delay slider.


Does anyone else with a hardware synth have the dame problems as i have???

The delay slider didn’t work.

And the searching goes on…JR ;)

mmmmmmm reinstalled renoise 1.2 and evrything works fine ;) ;)

any other suggestions???