Like Woh

new tune :)


edit: video of the crowd (and myself) reacting to the tune

I hear a lot of anger ?

doesn’t sound angry to me, you must had smirk the whole time Mushen.

does sound a bit mindless though.

Well anger in terms of aggressive beats and a sprinkling of strong sounding basslines. There’s no memorable melody to speak of, and it seems aggressive in comparison to say the tender memorable magic of ‘I’ll Always Love You’ by the same artist.

It’s very clean sounding and amazingly programed as always. But to these old ears it just sounds like nostalgia for stuff that wasn’t that good in the first place.

heh. this is not my usual style. and i find it at the core essenceless. but i have a show coming up and needed something for drunk people to get excited about :P

Any juice in the works then?

got a good tune almost finished :)

well I think its some of the best things Ive heard so far. no shit.
I love the aggressive style and the drums are exquisite :D.
The bassline is awesome and I love the switches from breakcore to hardcore.

post your xrns???

why, don’t believe me? :P

Holy crap dude… keep this shit up. I don’t care if you think it’s soulless… WE LIKE SOULLESS!!! > :)

thanks byte :D

added video :)