Likes To Dance - Mick Rippon

Hey Guys,

Something I wrote and mixed over the last few days:

Just a bit of fun.

Hope ya like!

I love it. The tune, the technique… that effect on the voice, is that multiplying the voice sample by another sample? I’ve been trying to find something to do that. One thing that could be improved a little is the mastering. There were some pretty soft sounds that could have been fleshed out a bit better (like the one at the beginning).


Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. The vocals were used by a flash based speech synth I found on the internet.

The original recorded file sounded like this:

I went into Renoise and broke up the sample and got the rhythm right. I then retuned the vocal using Melodyne, but I’m sure you could get that effect using any vocoder.

As for the mastering - interestingly I spent more time on the mixing/mastering than I did on the actual tracking! (as I am learning my new monitors)