[Limitation] Signal Follower To Previous Track = N/A


I can’t route the signal follower to a track on the left, eg Track3 -> Track2 or Track1 gives me (N/A). Is it a bug or a feature ? If it is a feature, what is the point ?

As you can read in the manual:

Cross Track Routing with the Signal Follower  
Unlike the other Meta Devices, the Signal Follower cannot affect devices that appear on  
tracks to the left of its own host track. It is also unable to control effects on the same  
track as itself, if that device appears before it in the DSP chain. Such tracks and effects  
will show in the "Dest." box with the suffix: "(N/A)" (i.e. Not Available). This is necessary  
to ensure that the Signal Follower does not add latency to the song's signal chain. If  
you want to affect a track or device that currently shows as "(N/A)", then simply reorder  
the tracks or reorder your effects so that the Signal Follower appears before (to the left  
of) the desired parameter.  

My bad. thanks for the explanation.