Lindstrøm - Vōs-sākō-rv

I’ve entered the Lindstrøm - Vōs-sākō-rv remix contest on Beatport and my weapon of choise is, of course, Renoise. :) I’m not pleased with the pads in particular, and lots of details still need polish, but this is how far I got before the deadline. Please let me know what you think, and if you like it and have a Beatport profile, I’d appreciate a comment and/or vote too! :D

Here’s my remix: Lindstrøm - Vōs-sākō-rv (bitbear remix)

I think i’ll have another beer, but i doubt you wanted to hear that.
Does that raw base sounds like you took it from Achenar’s starters tutorial? :P
The mix sounds quite good, indeed the pads are a bit cheesy.

As long as my remix doesn’t stop you from drinking beer, I should be happy, I guess! :)

It’s the “Synth-Supersaw.xrni” that comes with Renoise. :) I love it!

Thanks! Yea, the pads need a lot more work, I know. ;)

nice work , i liked the remix , the only thing i would change is the sound of the kick …

Thanks! What exactly would you change about the kick?

maybe something warmer , fatter
like this maybe

Thanks for your suggestion! Yea, I agree that it’s a bit whimpey. I didn’t really have time to do more work on it before I had to upload the song. I sat until 01:00 the day of the upload deadline (thank god Beatport is on GMT - 7:00), so there’s a lot I would like to enhance with effects and such when I find inspiration. :)