Line-In Does Not Work As I Expect?

Something I don’t get :blink:

The Line-In should work with any audio card that has one, right (most)? Still if I connect the Line-In on my PC or laptop I can’t make Renoise treat it as a seperate channel. It seems to loop ALL audio, creating gibberish.

I went to preferences, I 've chosen Primary Input Device as input, Primary output as output etc…

My line-in works in general ok for connecting outputs of synths to windows Pc but I want it to be routed in Renoise to an empty track and apply effects on it.

What am I doing wrong? Or do I need some really special card? Not completely new to this but new to renoise.


sounds like you found a feedback loop, those can come in handy for certain effects so remember how you have it! :) .
Just like how you have it setup, try sending a signal through your computer without renoise loaded, if you hear sound it means you possibly need to mess with the operating systems sound system mixer, like turn down the line-in and let renoise handle it.

if you are using windows, asio usually doesn’t have that problem. As I believe most asio drivers lock the device strictly to the application using it.

the question is: WHAT do you connect to you line-in?

It is simply feedback that you are hearing. Logical if you would connect a microphone to it that gets its audio fed from your PC or laptop speakers. But if it is internal audio, try to check if your audio card supports some kind of “mix” or “wave out” feature on your line in. Basically this means that your PC’s audio output is being mixed with the line-in signal. This feature should be able to be turned off in the preferences of the audio device or you should be able to select the mode where the external input only is being used.

Thanks, I figured it out, inderdaad de audio mixer.

The “Recording” part of windows audio mixer was not set to “Analogue” (it includes the Line-In) and in the Properties I had to set “record without monitoring” :rolleyes: Really simple solution.

The feedback loop came from setting record to Wave :wink: (feedback on Renoise) and “What U Hear” loops ofcourse everything back too.

The machine connected to the line-in is a Korg Electribe S MkII. Also a MIDI keyboard on USB, an Evolution MK-361C.

I used to do a lot of tracking on my old Amiga computer, so am trying to get into Renoise as it is more closely to what I’m used too but with all these advanced features you could only dream of back in the old day :D