Line-in: Is Not Active During "rendering" - This Would Be H

I am using some hardware synths, and feeding live line-in. - this works excellent, BUT when you want to render to WAV (even in realtime mode), then the line-in input simply seems ignored.

wouldn’t this be nice (at least in “real/live/compatibility” rendering mode ?)

+10 Yes! it is very strange that audio routed via Line-in device is excluded in rendering.

The render selection to sample feature should also record signals routed via line-in device.

I know that this has been discussed before and that the answer was that there is a difference between calculated audio and audio but it would be tiger if there was a way of making this difference invisible for the users. So that I dont have to stop and think
“ah hmm lets see this is a harware synth… therefore I must do this procedure to get the audio…”.

I don’t find it to be a huge problem, but it would be nice indeed :)

Although I always record what I need before render, but any new feature would be welcome.

So you record each track per pattern separately? What is your workflow?

And how do you sort your instruments? My brain would get stuck :P

Ok, more precisely: when you record the whole track into ONE sample, how can you actually work on the tune? - You would always have to play the song from the beginning so that the sample start.

Maybe i am just thinking unlogical now.

When i work on a tune, i am in the middle of the song, and adding additional notes. so i usually replay/loop the current pattern i am working on.

logically, this implies that any pre recorded record-to-sample sample shall be triggered at the start of this pattern.

So, still - the way that Melodyne-Plugin works too me sounds like the absolutely best way to do a freezing VST plugin.

I think you guys got me wrong… I said I record what I need, not record renoise tracks!!

Nono, i got you right. - I NEED to record the whole track, not half :slight_smile:

Hey, It’s really simple. IF your song is finished and you want to render it to wav, just record all your “line in”-tracks into samples, put the samples in new tracks and render the song. Peace of cake

Remember, You may not delete the line in/midi tracks if you would like to use 'em later.