Line-in, Making A Lot Of Noise

Hi, again.

If I add a #Line-in device on an empty track, using ASIO4ALL or DirectSound (with In device and/or Out device set to Conexant amc Audio), I get some sort of feedback.

I guess this isn’t that surprising for DirectSound, but I’m a bit surprised if this has been this way all the time for ASIO4ALL as well.

Pretty sure I’ve had tracks with #Line-in before, and used Renoise and the internal soundcard without this happening. Am I mistaken?

Well, simply make sure you dont create feedback. Dont try to record stuff that you are listening to.

That is quite obvious ;).
Felt so sure I hadn’t experienced this before.

Then please double check your routings/connections to be sure that this is no Renoise problem please…

Well, I don’t think there is anymore.
It must be my imagination.
When switching to DirectSound, the line-in device “in” parameter is set correctly, i.e. none, or primary capture, and evereything is fine.

If I switch to asio4all, there is only one option, and the feedback kicks in.
I suspect that what I remember is a time before I installed asio4all, and this didn’t occur at all.

could be a ground loop isolation problem had this before with my old laptop
simple fix is to get a 3 prong to 2 prong convertor which kills ground on laptop ac and breaks loop
gen happens when 2 units are on same wall circuit/powerstrip with no power conditioning

well if you’re on a decent surge protector its not going to make a big diff
like i said its a quick fix
more expensive or pain in the ass option is to buy a power conditioner or make sure power cables aren’t crossing etc one by one trying to isolate the ground loop or in some cases put the laptop ac unit on a totally separate wall outlet away from whats causeing the ground loop