Line In Microphone Real Time Effect(s)

So, I was wondering if there is a possibility I can use my microphone and directly get an effect over it.
For example when I’m doing a live performance.

Thanks in advance,

most certainly you can by setting up a line-in device in the ‘track dsp’ tab. Make sure you also set up a gate in the chain to avoid feedback (and a limiter).

Okay, this setup works. But even with gate+maximizer applied we still get some unwanted echoes and delays. The voice is not completely clean.

How can I solve this so that everything that comes out of the speakers gets subtracted of the microphone?

For example this worked like a charm in FL Studio 8, the only thing you have to do in that host is to pick a line in device inside a certain channel. No echoes or delays at all…and you can simply drop effects over it…

Isn’t there any more straightforward way in Renoise?


yeah Bantai is right + check different buffer settings in your soundcard preferences to achieve lower latency.

Thanks, echo and delay are gone now!
I’ve put latency to 5ms and apparently putting sample rate higher loses a lot of lag too.