Line In Suggestions


I’ve been trying out the 1.8 beta 5 now, and i must say things are looking better than ever. There are a few suggestions i have regarding the use of Line-In though.

Line-In Device:
* Include options for L, R and L+R as implemented in the Sample Editor Recording Panel. If you have a two input sound card and have two different instruments hooked up to the left and right channels, or if you just have one instrument connected, this would be very practical.

* Allow recording of Line-In Device via the Render Selection to Sample option. You can currently record pattern-synchronized Line-In via the Sample Editor Recording Panel and select a track’s effect chain. Essentially this is the same functionality as you would get with a Render Selection to Sample with the Pattern Sync option enabled. Working with external MIDI synthesizers would be much easier if this was possible.

Recording Panel:
* When recording a mono source and applying a standard effect chain the end result is mono even though the effect chain is stereo. Wouldn’t it be better if the end sample was just mono if no effect chain was applied?

Sample Editor:
* Add a convert to mono/convert to stereo option.

already exists :) [F11 or 2-nd icon in sample editor] :)
just downloading new beta. thank you guys!!

Ah yes… How could i miss that. Good one! One down, two to go ;)