Line Input Channels Go To "sleep" After A Period Of Inactivity

so i noticed a funny thing on saturday as i was jamming with a mate.

i had a song open which had a bunch of different line inputs, a rewire device, and individual channels configuring to send audio out of channels on my soundcard. i noticed throughout the day that the line inputs would go to “sleep” if they had not been active for about 15 minutes or more. by sleep i mean that if i attempted to sound a note on whatever synth was coming through that line in, the line in device registered no sound.

this was easily rectified by deactivating the device and then reactivating it. nevertheless, quite annoying to have to do this after even a short period away from the computer.

i’m on mac osx lion 10.7.3 on an early 2011 macbook pro, running renoise 2.7.2 with a firewire motu ultralite mkIII.

any ideas about why this might be happening? is it possible that this sin’t a big, but rather a “feature”?

hmm. maybe this is correct functionality. if i hit “panic” i.e., press stop twice, does it disable the line inputs in this fashion?

Yep. Panic will indeed stop all devices from processing anything. Otherwise, if you had some insane feedback coming through the line-in device, you’d never be able to actually panic stop it.

The line-in should become active again when you play your song, or if you manually disable/re-enable the device itself.

cool. that’s ok then! i have a tendency to use panic as my go to “stop” command. i wasn’t actually playing a song but actually jamming into my mate’s mixer with the “song” not running, so everytime i hit panic, i needed to reactivate all the line ins again. i guess i just don’t need to hit panic so often :)