Line Input Device Stops Playing

when i export a song, any line input devices (such as for my ASIO connected guitar) must be unchecked and rechecked in order to play anything. I can also choose Directsound, then back to my ASIO device, but I can NOT use the “reinitialize” button to regain any sound from the device.

Have you tried hitting the stop button twice in a row? (this function serves as Panic mode)

Yep, and that actually creates the same bug!

I mean, the Panic button thing’s job is to stop the sound, which is does.

But after that, I have to do the uncheck-check thing again on the line in device in order to make it sound out - reinitialize button does nothing.

Okay, so line-in devices need a reinitialize when panic has been applied.
This could perhaps go to the pending bugfixes then i guess.

A “Panic” will shut off line in devices on purpose. Else you could not get rid of feedback caused by them. A panic may also happen when rendering or when reinitializing the audio drivers.

Starting to play the song, or enabling/disabling them will reanimate such muted line-in devices.

When saving a song, this behavior indeed is a bit confusing.

Right you are. But why are the line-ins shut down after exporting? If a user exports, he’s probably happy with everything how it’s set up. Since he hasn’t pressed a panic button, why does the export act like one? Would the line-ins corrupt the export if they weren’t shut off?