Line Input From Old 1.28 Rns Song Got Not Saved?

Not sure if it’s a bug or not, but I seem to have trouble saving a Line Input Device in a song.

When I load a song that had a Line Input Device when I saved it, the device is simply gone. :unsure:

If it’s not a bug and the we’re not supposed to be able to save Line Input devices, can this be changed then? B)

ok, when i do the following:

  • new song
  • add line input device
  • save song (#test)
  • new song
  • load saved song #test

the line input device is loaded.

so, i suppose you have to be more specific.

Can’t really be more specific, except that it seems like the problem could have something to do with the original file being a renoise 1.28 file.

I did the following:

  • Open original .rns file
  • Add Line Input Device
  • Save file
  • Open the new file

When I did this, the Line Input Device was not loaded.

Then I tried this:

  • Open original .rns file
  • Save file
  • Open the new .xrns file
  • Add Line Input Device
  • Save file
  • Open file again

This time the Line Input Device is loaded.

So there you have it. This is what happens here.

hey, thanks for the more elaborate explanation. it seems it is indeed a backwards-compatibility issue of some sort. let one of the devs shine some light on this maybe…

Tested adding a “Line Input Device” into old song here, and could not find a problem…

But when loading an old RNS song (from Renoise 1.28), then saving it with the latest Renoise version, it will NOT overwrite the old Bla.RNS, but save a new Bla.XRNS file. Maybe this confused you for a moment?

I can’t replicate this anymore for some reason :blink:

The reason I thought this might be a bug was that in the original .rns file I added a Line Input Device and Guitar Rig to one of my channels. I then saved it and opened it later. In the new .xrns file Guitar Rig was loaded but the Line Input Device wasn’t.

But since I have no problems in my other songs I’m willing to proclaim this as a ID-Ten-T Error[b]. ;)

[/b]Thanks for your replies and sorry for the inconvenience.