Linein Through Effect To Renoise

hey found this tututial about how to use the kx driver system to manage and understand the hardware aspects on ur soundcard…

u need kx drivers to be installed and working before entering the link.

drivers can be found here
its the link in the buttom.

basicly u will understand the stuff that happens and what u actualy can do with these drivers with this tututrial.

for me the most important think is that i want to be able to route an audio signal through the card and then use this signal in renoise “realtime”

go check it out. its realy worth it. kx drivers can be used in many different ways.

happy days

Did you manage to actually make this work?

what kind of thing do you use to to get the signal into the FX chain?

i sux…i didnt make it happen…it cant be done at the moment…i just made the thread a bit to fast…but tecnicaly u can do it!

its just that renoise dont have asio input record…other proggys have…
so we need that :D

if you ever figure that out keep us posted. I have wanted that for a long time.

I know that one of the older versions of tobybear’s channelgrabber plugin prior 2.0 supported recording from line in. I even asked himself, he said he removed it because a lot of people had trouble with it. It worked fine for me though. Unfortunately i lost mine (think it was 1.6).

If anybody has it, please tell! :)


Nice, I never managed to let it work, If I have time I will try.
Thankx for the tut. link,

I have 1.3 here in my plugin folder which has three modes… VST, LIVE and SYNC.
Was that what you were looking for?