Lines / Beat.. 0.5? 0.25? 0.125?

Hi, using Renoise ReWired into various ReWire master hosts, and I’m just wondering, could we get a way to access 0.5, 0.25, 0.125 0.06250 etc Lines / Beat? It’d just be lovely to use Renoise for extremely slow melodic movements.
Is there some way to access these, or should one go the “FDxx” route?

Renoise supposed to listen to positions in samples so if you can easily create 0.5 or 0.25 positions in the master DAW, Renoise should listen to that, the only but is, that it doesn’t trigger notes on these positions if the notes don’t contain delay values to be triggered from those positions.
So if you want to have a pattern starting synchronized from that particular position triggering all the notes, the FDXX might indeed be the easiest way. (If you set your tick amount in the song settings to the maximum value, you have the highest resolution)
If you need more precision than a division of 16, you need to delay all your notes on that row using the delay column.

Hmm. I was more referring to being able to run Renoise at much slower LPB than the Master DAW.

Like, have a song at 125bpm from master daw, and Renoise steps a step every 5 seconds, for instance.