Link instruments to tracks

Posting lots of suggestions lately haha. It’s not that I don’t appreciate Renoise, I’ve just been doing so much more producing lately that I notice some things that could make production quicker.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could link instruments to specifics tracks? So that when I browse a track, I don’t have to select a different instrument in the instrument list, it just selects it automatically when I’m in the track. It would be optional where I could select the instrument by entering a number, or leave it blank and just select it manually. One instrument would be linkable to multiple tracks obviously. Imagine just having to go left/right with your arrow buttons! :0

Perhaps the menu “options/auto capture instrument from pattern” will do?

There could be an “Auto” entry at the top (or bottom) of the instrument list, which when selected would always use the last instrument used in the current track.

Or even better, a small toggle button next to the inst.list which does exactly that - when changing to another track, auto-select the last instrument that was used in that track.


I’ll try this tool out, thanks!

almost the same as renoise’s native function. changes to instrument on changing active track, and: turning it on/off leaves a message in the statusbar whether you just turned it on or off :)