Link: Quick Reference Card For Pattern Effects

I’m a newbie to Renoise and I recently discovered that after a few hours of experimentation, I had almost everything at my fingertips except pattern effects. The only documents I could find on them were long, comprehensive lists.

I wanted something that would be all on one small page, somewhat comprehensive, and would have the most common/useful effects listed prominently.

Anyway, after a bit of work, here’s what I came up with to use as a reference. Maybe it will help someone else. The PDF is for viewing and printing. The SVG is included in case anyone wants to play with the file in Inkscape.

Renoise Reference Card (PDF)

Renoise Reference Card (SVG)

Great work.


Wow. I’m glad to help newbies like me.

I tried to highlight the pattern effects used frequently in demos and the ones that I’m most likely to use. Most of them in the big list are a bit obscure, oldschool, or can be replicated with new features and automation envelops. Feedback on future improvements to this reference is, of course, welcome.

Thanks added on top of the pattern effects manual page

New one for Renoise 2.8 is available here now:
Renoise Pattern Effects Quick Reference Card