Linked Samples in the Instruments

It would be great if you could not just cmd+drag a sample in the instrument window to create a duplicate, but have also have a alt+drag option to create a sort of linked clone (like in the pattern matrix), who’s setting you can change independently, but as soon as you change the sample, it would change in every cloned instance as well.

so you could take a sample, quickly drag it down, pan them both left and right, transpose one a bit to get a very wide effect for example, but then you could also quickly change the sample in both instrument layers.

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I’d use this a lot when drawing chip samples by hand, as I want clones that are detuned in the delay effect. Having to update them manually all the time during tweaking is very tedious.

(I checked if it was scriptable but it didn’t seem like it. The sample buffer isn’t observable.)

+1 for something similar. I would really like to be able to place the same sample (with the same sampler modulation sets and effects chains ) onto more than one key in keyzones, without copying and pasting the sample.

Only because I like to do symetrical drumkits on my pads without touching the pad controller editor…I double everything up, which doubles up the memory the kit uses as well

Yes, sample “aliases” used to be a thing in Renoise but you can still sort-of achieve it with this workaround:

  1. Load a sample or draw by hand…
  2. Select the Slice tool
  3. Click in the left “margin” area of the sample editor to insert a slice at the beginning
  4. Repeat X number of times

At the end, you will need to adjust each slice individually. Which is quite a tedious thing to do by hand - but it’s an approach that could be scripted.

This isnt’ possible if you want the samples to automatically trigger simultaneously (by using keyzones) right? Slices seem to enforce some kind of auto-mapping there.

Thanks, just doubling them up works o.k. Labelling them L or R…or _1 _2, for my symetrical kits

This isnt’ possible if you want the samples to automatically trigger simultaneously (by using keyzones) right?

Ah, you’re right. For phattening unison effects this trick isn’t useful then. Too bad!

This is exactly what I want to achieve, modulating left and right stereo content independently, but being able to change the sample across all the “unison” copies quickly. Another way to do this maybe would be to allow multiple modulation and fx lanes to be activated for a single sample, which would sort of replicate Abletons parallel groups.