Linking 3 Dsp Sliders To 1 Pitchwheel

Hi there!

I want to assign 3 sliders to my pitchwheel so they all go up when I puch my pitchwheel up.
If I try that now it resets the first one…
…how can this be done? :)


Hi td6d!

more people are having this problem at the board.
Let’s hope the programmers can give us some information about this!

check out this topics, they are related:

So Renoise can do all this complicated stuff but it cant just have 3 sliders assigned to one midi knob/wheel?


Hhehe, I was thinking the same thing…
but I’m sure the devteam will listen to their fans in time, there really are lots of renoise users waiting for this feature.

Not at a Renoise computer at the moment but:

Can’t you map several parameters to the same LFO device and then map your wheel to the LFO amplitude (you’d be using a send track for this)?

Strange that I haven’t had to try this out before. :D

the problem is: you can only map 1 slider to your midi hardware, if you map another slider to the hardware with the same config, it resets the previous renoise slider…
(read 2nd link above to check out my BCF2000 Live-channel mode idea)


That’s why I was suggesting the Send+LFO. IF you can have multiple parameters controlled by the same LFO then you would only need to map your midi wheel to a single slider in the LFO device (Note that I have not tried this, it just seems that it might be a workaround).

upload your xrns plz.
I tried everything to control all individual volume sliders of all the seperated tracks in renoise using BCF2000 & vise versa (so that the bcf sliders are moving when i change the midi-cc) imo this is just not working… =[

btw, it just isn’t functional if you program all your tracks with complex dsp connections…it should be click click double mapped no problem!

An LFO can only control a single parameter, so this idea wouldn’t work.

Most people (myself included) use external tools like PureData or Max/MSP and a MIDI loopback driver. You may check this thread for some ideas:

dang :(

don’t be sad egr!
I’m sure this will get fixed in time…

any admin can tell us more about when & how?

+100 for something like this :drummer:

again (and again) the real solution to such problems would be a MatrixDevice: 1 input, more outputs.

+1 >> [Matrix Device] >> +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

I cant believe I (a renoise n00b) actually found something I really miss :(

You can assign more sliders to the same knob using different channels.
That is probably not exactly your purpose, but you can assign one midi controller to multiple sliders in Renoise this way.

Uhw, how do I do that? :D

with a ‘kenton control freak’ you can assign multiple midi controller numbers to a single knob ……l%3Dda%26sa%3DN

Maybe true, but this isn’t possible with some other hardware tools (including BCF/BCF 2000, …) which will really give these tools some great new possibility’s.
I mean, how cool will it be if all your motorized faders will move along with the individual track volumes of your project (if you map them to volume & a midi-CC), changing value’s will work in both directions without jumps!

yes it would so much rock,if that was possible :dribble: