Midi Feedback

Is there any chance this will be supported in the future?


It depends on what length-term you define that “future”.
When speaking of the chance:Probably, yes.
But I have not seen this topic on the to-do list yet.

Well… it would be fantastic if it did.


A lot of cheap midi/usb-controllers support this nowadays.


perhaps a dumb question, but what for is the midi feedback feature needed?

For controllers with endless range like this one :

They have no physical limit of hi/lo but instead a row of LEDs shwoing you the current value. The idea is that you can assign a knob to a value and that value is passed to the hardware (midi feedback). And when you turn it up the value gets incremented, if you turn it down it gets decremented (?) no matter what the value is (opposed to fixed controllers).

The point behind this is simple : If you have automated a value and it’s currently at 100% and you turn an feedback-enabled, endless controller down the value will simply go down from 100%. If you have a fixed controller at 50% and turn that down the value jumps to 50% and then downward from there.


this clarified alot =)

All news to me…

=D and I thought I knew all there is to midi :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

I just bought a BCR2000, assuming that MIDI/feedback was a ´basic´ thing (naive me!)… You know, I´m not a MIDI guru :( unfortunately.
(begging) Please make us BCR owners happy!

Anybody ideas how this feedback should work? I guess feedback is a response of a changing MIDI-mapped (track)parameter, which is send back to the controller via MIDI-out by CC-commands. RN must know the MIDI-mappings after loading a song and should ‘set’ the actual values by CC-commands once.
Is that right?


Yes, but thats not everything:
It must also send out the CCs when you touch a slider in Renoise that is mapped to a controller, but only when the slider change is not the result of the MIDI controller itself. If it would, you would get a nice feedback loop.

This is unfortunately where things get complicated…


though, I have a bcr here at home as well, and not really missing this feature…other then some nice disco-ledding in the dark when playing back a song + the obvious benefit of the visual clues, what else is midi-feedback good for?

Yes your right…There was a small hope that the BCR wasn’t copying/using the incoming CCs to send out new
CCs so that it will only adjust the LED rings (or set the faders in case of BCF)…I’ve been experimenting with the BCR and configured it as a MIDI instrument. With a MIDI-CC meta device I had mapped the CCs to the corresponding number on the meta device => results in a LOOP.
For the fun I mapped all the CC-in to CC-out+ 1 with as result a slow motion led-ring-movement-repeater! :drummer:

Well, as Looza stated above, with feedback, the value of the MIDI-controller is always representing the actual value of the MIDI-mapped parameter (MMP) in the application. This is very very handy when you:

  1. Just loaded your song and want to use your BCR/MIDI-controller right away, without setting the knobs in the right position first.
  2. Do a small adjustment to the MMP by computer device (mouse) end continue the use of your BCR/MIDI-controller right after it.
  3. Fast-forwarding to a song position where the value of the MMP is different.
  4. Pick-up a filter and start jamming without the first adjustment of the current knob position.

after reading cryteks topic about wanting to use a couple of BCF2000 for more hands on feel,i got quite interested in this too.

so this gets a big +10


I am going to buy Novation Nocturn and if Renoise will be support MIDI feedback it would be great!


this wilil create a sick mobile renoise hardware combination just on our desks!.

very interesting topic, wondering why i didn’t notice it before.
i’ve written several postings regarding the same desire: having midi feedback.

i wonder why this still will be not implemented in V2.0 - i’m a registered user and in the backstage area there are the resulting votes of wanted features:

more complex midi mappings had 497 credits! and that’s a long time ago… - AU support on mac was at the last place with 198 credits and is implemented in 2.0…


yep this feature would be KILLER :dribble: