"Linking" Patterns

This is an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while, but only felt ok with posting about after becoming a paying customer. I love you renoise team

(I don’t know what the intersection between a track and a pattern is called so I’ll call them cells, because they look like little cells)

It’s an idea I stole from inspired by Sunvox. Which is, being able to “link” cells, in order to make any change to any cell to be replicated into the cells it’s linked to, even if those cells are in different numbered patterns.

Something like this: (I’m by no means a UI designer, in case it’s not obvious)


With this, plus the ability to unlink cells when they need to become unique, it would add some interesting options for quickly mocking up a song from a preset structure, and would be a great tool for live performances/compositions.

There’s a lot to be brainstormed for people who know more about Renoise than me, like what happens to tracks with the same number when one has a linked cell but other doesn’t, or how the pattern numbering is affected by linking in general, or if it makes sense to be able to link cells in different tracks. But, well, here’s my humble idea/suggestion, for anyone that cares.

Is this different to the already available track aliases? How so?