Linux: 32 Bit Vsts In 64 Bit Renoise?

Hey guys: First off, great job on the new beta…nice new featureset.

I have one irk, though: Why do my 32 bit VSTs not show up in my 64 bit renoise?

All of my VSTs are 32 bit, so I find this disturbing. I would figure that Renoise could still theoretically support these plugins? Am I wrong? Is there a workaround?

Yes, simply download/use the 32bit Linux version of Renoise, just like you’ve done/used before. You don’t have to use the 64bit version of Renoise just because its available now.

64bit OS → 64bit plugins in a 64bit Renoise
64bit OS → 32bit plugins in a 32bit Renoise
32bit OS → 32bit plugins in a 32bit Renoise

Or convince the authors of the plugins to port the plugins to 64 bit.

I know that’s confusing and complicated, but that’s exactly one of the main reasons why we have no 64bit windows version now. Its damn hard to understand which plugin you can use now and what not - on which OS. On Linux this usually is not that big problem, cause you get the native OSs plugins (LADSPA, DSSI) with the systems installer (apt, yum, whatever). For VSTs which are not part of the official distribution, this still is a problem though.

We have to solve this by supporting 32 bit plugins on a 64bit somehow, so you actually can’t do anything wrong and we take care of all this mess internally…

Till then: If the 32bit version of Renoise works better for you on Linux, use this one.

Right, I suppose I want to have my cake and eat it too. What I was getting at was: because the DSSI plugins are statically linked to some other libraries; even if I copy my 32 bit DSSI folder from another system to my 64 bit system, a few of them won’t run. So it seems that I am cursed to either use DSSIs or VSTs, but not both…leaving my options limited to nothing but a huge mess (Unless I start cross-compiling my DSSIs.

This could make a few things difficult for me on my main studio system.

There are not a lots of DSSI and you can cross compile them without a problem. Other option is to use entire 32 bit OS.

I agree with you except for the fact that I have (and want to keep) 8gb of ram.