Linux: Add VST path


Renoise 3.1, freshly downloaded, does not have the browse buttons in the Plugins/Misc config options, as shown in the user guide. I have new plugins that are in~/vst/discoDSP/. To keep it simple I made a symlink in ~/.vst/ to points to ~/vst/discoDSP/ and did a rescan in Renoise. Still, the plugins do not show. First of all, why aren’t ther eany browse buttons for the plugins path ? That seems very useful.

Renoise is too dumb to follow symlinks. But you can define the shell variable “VST_PATH” to include the paths to all you plugins. You can do this when starting renoise, or for your whole user environment. I noticed you have to include the default paths for renoise, too, or else it won’t find the plugins there anymore. I’ve seen this behaviour for other programs also, I think. It is kind of practical, as I think most VST hosts on linux will obey this variable when set system wide. How to define it depends on the distro, for ubuntu I put my definition into “~/.pam_environment” for users possibly starting VST hosts, which will be shell sourced at login I think.

Here it doesn’t work with VST_PATH variable. Kubuntu 16.04.