Linux Alsa: Native Instruments Audio 8 Dj

Hi all!
Can someone help me setting up Renoise and Alsa to work with Native instruments Audio 8 DJ USB sound card?
I receive the warning: “Failed to open the ALSA device HW:1.0(AUDIO8DJ) device orresource busy)”
Thank you!

Nobody here using renoise on linux with native instruments audio 8 dj?
Please some help!

Try shutting down your pulseaudio server? Is that even a thing nowadays?

Yep. Its still a thing. Although it shouldn’t cause any issues nowadays (or at least I haven’t had any).

Check if there’s any application running that might be using your soundcard. If that didn’t help you can shut down pulseaudio by running ‘pulseaudio --kill’ on terminal, and see if thats any better.

thank you for the reply! The thing is: with another application such banshee the AUDIO 8 DJ works reguarly, I don’ t know if it’s a Renoise configuration issue…

Anyway, i also tried pulseaudio --kill but nothing. When I start Renoise it just tell me: failed to open the ALSA device "hw:1,0(Audio 8 DJ)! (SetupHWParameters failed). How can I tell Renoise to try “plughw” for the AUDIO 8 DJ?
It’s a F******G mistery!!!

Have you tried if your soundcard works with jack? If so you could just use it as your output device on renoise.

JACK still requires a back-end to connect to the hardware, typically ALSA. Although it can use others I’ve never used it with anything else (although you would likely use FFADO if it was a firewire interface.)

Thank you guys!
RENOISE with Audio 8 DJ finally works using JACK. I wonder if it’s possible to select different outputs other than the default 1-2. For example selecting the 7-8 outs to hear with the headphones…

I believe you can configure jack to do that.

I recommend installing qjackctl, which is graphical configuration utility for jack audio server. You should be able to connect renoise output to your headphone output with it (click the “connect” button and connect renoise to your preferred output device).

Thank you so much!
I’ll try that!