Linux As Master W/jack, Ardour As Slave

I’ve been diggin’ Renoise on Linux. It works fine. The only thing that’s confusing for me is setting the master/slave options with the Jack GUI control transport and something like Ardour or Audacity. I’m using the Ubuntu Studio packages which were added on from a Hardy Heron vanilla install.

I’ve been tweaking for a while and can’t get things to sync between Renoise and Ardour, I’m sure I just need to understand how the aconnectgui and qtjackcontrol works. What I’m doing is starting Jack Control and starting it, then I’m starting Renoise and then looking at the midi preferences, then opening Ardour and setting it for Jack (or should it be MTC?), and it doesn’t sync so I look at the settings and patchbay in Jack control and I look at the ALSA aconnectgui program, trying to see what’s connected where to what.

Here’s the deal, there’s Renoise Midi Out or In sync, in the master and slave section, respectively, I figured that made most sense. In Ardour there’s Jack, MTC, and Internal. I figured Jack or MTC would be the ones to play with, and I toggled off the Time Master button near the transport in Ardour, figuring that would make Ardour go into slave mode. But when I hit the transport start in Jack control, Ardour starts/syncs, but Renoise does not. I’m thinking whatever I want to have transport control should be set as master, and everything else should be slave, but I’m not getting it to work, so I must be missing something. Any ideas?

The other host needs to support SPP as well, not only Jack or MTC. I believe synchronisation through Jack means using the Jack Transport features which are currently not supported by Renoise as well as MTC is not supported by Renoise either.
If there is no SPP support in the other host, synchronisation through MIDI won’t work.

Thanks, that gives me a good lead. I probably just need to set Ardour or Rosegarden to respond to or send song position pointers, and set renoise to be master/slave accordingly.

I’m sorry you’ve been having trouble with Ardour.

I got Renoise to sync to Rosegarden easily enough. I set Renoise’s MIDI preferences in the MIDI Clock Master section to Renoise Midi Out Sync, and then in Rosegarden I went to Settings >> Configure Rosegarden >> MIDI, then in the Midi Sync tab I made sure it was set to accept start/stop/continue commands and as slave in the other options. I should have tried to sync Renoise with Rosegarden first, that worked. Ardour just doesn’t seem to support the proper syncing for Renoise, no wonder it was a mystery to me.

What do you all use that seems to work best for synchronizing large audio files with Renoise?