Linux Audio Conference 2009

Now that Renoise runs on Linux, is anyone going to this? It was posted on linux-audio-announce



[i]La Casa della Musica invites all Linux Audio developers,
users, composers, musicians, philosophers and anyone
interested to

The Linux Audio Conference 2009

16-19 April 2009

La Casa della Musica
Palazzo Cusani

Parma, Italy

The LAC will go outside Germany for the first time, but
we will keep close to the familiar four-day format with
paper presentations, workshops, electro-acoustic music
concerts, and the Linux Sound Night.

The website is being created, and ‘calls for everything’
will be issued before the end of this week.

The conference starts a few weeks later than the previous
one, which allows the deadlines for everything to be moved
as well. For the papers and music calls this will be
somewhere mid January, so you can use the end-of-year
holiday period to get creative.

We hope to see you all in Parma !

Fons Adriaensen, LAD
Francesca Montresor, CdM[/i]

Maybe we should send someone. Wasn’t IT-Alien from Italy? :)

I could go, I have some experience in talking on seminars. But I am not sure if I have money. Some universities and stuff actually fund those things. But unfortunately I don’t have such privileges.

I may attend the event either way, even if someone else talks about Renoise there.

if someone in the team prepares some promotional stuff, I could go. NeuRoTiX is also from Italy and lives near there. Would be good to have 2-3 people going there to take a workshop.

You should propose a seminar when they start accepting submissions for speakers.

BTW that sound box with zillions of speakers looks cool. Maybe someone wants to compose something on that. :)

The website is up:


[i]Hello world,

A first edition of the LAC2009 website is now
on line at

Apart from the initial announcement you’ll
find there the calls for papers and music,
and some related documents.

More information will be added in the coming

The site is (surprise !) hosted by,
site administrator is Robin Gareus, with design
and layout by Christoph Haag.

For the paper submission and review we are again
using openconf, with Frank Neumann at the controls.



Laboratorio di Acustica ed Elettroacustica
Parma, Italia

I am seriously thinking attending the event. Not only to play there some of my tracks, but it might contain some interesting music and speeches. Also would be fun to visit italy once in a while. :)


Let’s get some Renoise representation up in there.


this mail is a short reminder that the LAC2009(1) Call for Papers is currently
active and awaiting your papers at (2).

The paper submission period ends on

Thursday, January 15, 2009, 24:00 UTC

so use the (hopefully) free time of the Christmas holidays to get your paper
into shape and upload it in time!

Hope to see you there,
Frank, on behalf of the LAC2009 organization team

(1) The LAC (Linux Audio Conference) is an annual event where developers,
users and composers from all around the world come together for 4 days
to present current developments, new compositions and other news to the
public, listen to concerts, and generally have a good time together.
The LAC2009 is taking place at the Casa della Musica in Parma, Italy,
from April 16th to 19th, 2009. The conference homepage is at

(2) Paper submission information:

Paper submission upload form:[/i]

I will be attending the event (just booked the flight from Germany to Italy). It would be nice, if someone would do a small Renoise workshop there.

Kind regards,

Renoise needs more linux market share… those open source types need to be convinced that closed source software can still rock their world ;)

Is anyone doing this? If not, you should do a workshop koppi.


Well, just do a barcamp style workshop then. Or just start handing our beers and talk about Renoise.

Renoise should obviously be represented at LAC 2009.

Users are more than welcome to represent if no one is going in any official capacity.

Don’t know this barcamp stuff yet. But bar & beers sounds great. I will take the portable subset of my gear to the conference

Kind regards,