Linux:be Able To Insert The "vst-path"yourself

as i understand it renoise 2 in linux,will look for effects and instruments in some default paths.

but i miss the option to be able to choose the directory where renoise should look for them myself

would this be possible?

I didn’t try it yet, but it seems you can simply define the VST_PATH environment variable on your system.

Yes, also I see no reason why you should not simply use the default paths? Linux has strong rules where to put what in the filesystem. I think we should support this.

Witness the power of this fully operational symlink

ln -s <path to your vst directory> .vst<br>


sorry to be nOObish but how do you do that?

You don’t need to know this (this is a bit cumbersome to do on a desktop based Linux), if you put the VSTs into the appropriate places:

  • “~/.vst/” (~ is your home directory)
  • “/usr/lib/vst/”
  • “/usr/local/lib/vst/”

Renoise uses those if no VST_PATH is set…

Read the advice by gnute, you can just symlink your directory to .vst an you are done.