Linux Build For Arm

I don’t know how hard it would be to compile the Linux version to work on an ARM chip, but it would be super awesome to have a version that works on the ARM platform. I’d love to have a small device that I could take to shows for live performance, and it could play all the projects that I make on my production machine.

Any thoughts?


A Laptop?

or a tablet, or a small form factor touch screen device of somesort. something that i could feel much more at ease about bringing to dimly lit bars where drunk people spill beer on gear far too often.

maybe something like this?

…or a laptop

yes you could call it a laptop. i’m not an idiot, but there are many other options out there too.

I just think Renoise is so utterly inappropriate for tablet PCs…

If you’re on about touch devices, Good luck getting notes in without a keyboard.
Secondly, you think you’ll find it easily to grab hold of all those tiny little buttons and sliders (worse still, positions in the pattern editor).

Then we come to this…

I’m guessing it probably couldn’t.
You can kiss good bye to your vsts or whatever you use, and I certainly think processing power could be an issue for most stuff.

Some are happy using Renoise build in sampler and effects only. Processing power will be less and less of an issue going forward. Modern ARM like Cortex A9 is superscalar, has out of order executing core, will have +1GHz clockrates and multi core capability in near future.

People are using Renoise on single core Atom, there isn’t reason to think they couldn’t on ARM. The question is if it’d be worth effort to developers.

I would be one of those people. I currently use the linux version of renoise, and when I run it native i don’t have any VSTi plugins to work with anyway. I do run it under wine also, and whenever I have to switch to the linux version, render selection to sample works perfectly for any windows vsti plugins. i’m quite happy with the built-in stuff, and I control almost everything i need in renoise with my Axiom 49 anyway. No need to try and click on the screen, i’ve got more than enough buttons, sliders and knobs on my midi controller.

to have a lightweight, slim little touchscreen tablet that i couold take with me to shows, throw into my keyboard bag or my pedal board at the end of the show would be super awesome. and these little devices are cheap enough that if it breaks, it’s not the end of the world.

Renoise for Nokia n900? That could work. Renoise for Maemo + N900 with TV-out = DJ anywhere.

Might not be such a bad idea, as a bunch of companies are building ARM tablets for use with android.

Right. All those ARM devices that are coming out soon could be easily dual booted Android and some generic Linux. How awesome would it be to have a <$300 tablet that is prefect to take anywhere.

I’m sure that the Renoise admins are nice and busy, but if the code isn’t too hard to compile on ARM, then pretty, pretty please?

I remember reading on this forum that the Renoise team uses Ubuntu for their linux testing and building. Well, ubuntu has an ARM port, and that should mean that it should just need a new compile of the code and libs, right? I code in interpreted languages more than anything else, so who knows, I could sound pretty ignorant, but if it’s as simple as getting an arm device, installing ubuntu ARM on it, and compiling the renoise code on that device, then that would be such a huge draw to renoise.

My roommate/band mate pretty much exclusively uses EnergyXT on windows/linux and wishes that XT would do an ARM port, but maybe renoise can beat them to the punch?

Being first on the new market is a huge advantage. As far I know there isn’t a full fledged DAW on iphone, or android. Korg and Akai efforts are nice but rather limited.

However I doubt if it’d be just a recompilation away… Then GUI - it’d need some serious rethinking as well. Lack of keyboard could be perhaps mitigated by some creative use of virtual touch controls?

For now I’d like to see support for Atom’s multithreading first. It should boost performance by a bit on that CPU, and models like N550 should prove pretty decent overall.

well, i’m sure you are right. with the difference in architecture, you can do many things to increase performance, and it probably would be a lot more than just a recompile.

being a paying customer, I’d be more than happy to sign up for testing this thing on every arm powered device i could get my hands on. like the aPad. my room mate just won one on ebay, and is gonna have that thing to pieces.

I would also like to say I would really appreciate an ARM build. Be nice to know if the devs are willing to do this.(does stating i’m a customer have any sway in this?) I’m pretty sure that this shouldn’t be too hard since they already have renoise multiplatform and architecture.

It’ll depends on availability of consumer grade ARM based computers. So far there aren’t that many of them. (phones may not count here, I don’t know…)
Personally I’d get dual core Arm Cortex9@1-1.5GHz netbook immediately (assuming appropriate pricing). Renoise is only “x86” app I’d be missing then.
There were some talks about ARM quad core chips, for efficient and lean servers too. However considering market inertia and far reaching power of companies like Intel, it may not materialize that soon…

Given the number of ARM and ARM64 Linux computers available now (RPi, Pinebook, etc.), maybe it’s time to bump the thread?


Would be pretty cool to have Renoise running on a Raspberry Pi or a Chromebook.


Peeps, I just preordered this bad boy–


Runs on Linux/ARM. Will be using Sunvox. Will be dying to use Renoise on it :slight_smile:

Pretty please with Ranch on top?

Yes I was just reading about the new Macbook Pros next year, how they’ll be on an ARM-based Apple processor. Does anyone foresee there being any hiccups with Renoise support during that transition? I’m due for an upgrade and will probably get the new ones, but would hate to lose Renoise access!

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My next live laptop will likely be MNT Reform (arm64).

Would be very cool to have Renoise and Redux running on it!

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