Linux: Can Not Move Renoise Window Outside Of The Desktop

Hi, I cannot move any of the Renoise windows outside of the desktop with the default Ubuntu 10.04 / 11.04 window manager.

However moving any of the Renoise windows outside the desktop using the fvwm2 window manager works just fine.

Kind regards & thanks in advance,

Hey Koppi,

That’s simply how the WM works. Aka, it does not let you move !any! window out of the desktop. Or do you only have this problem with Renoise?

Sounds like a limitation or configuration problem of Gnome (Which is the default WM of Ubuntu)

I can move other windows outside of the desktop with the default ubuntu/gnome wm. Only renoise windows want to stay inside the gnome desktop.

If I however use e.g. the fvwm2 window manager, I can move the renoise windows outside the desktop. Can anyone reproduce this?

so which is it, ubuntu 11.04 (unity) or 10.04 (gnome2)?? The window managers are different between these versions!

I honestly don’t know what you mean when you say you can’t move the renoise window “outside of the desktop”… does the renoise window not move when you drag it from the top? I’ve never experienced any issues moving a renoise window around on my desktop, I use gnome, lxde and xfce. No issues like this whatsoever in any of these WMs…

Do you have “full screen” enabled?? :huh:

I have the same “problem” in gnome 2 on ubuntustudio 10.04 and the only version of renoise I have installed at the moment, 2.8, beta6.
It’s a sony vaio laptop w/ an nvidia gforce g200m, and I’m currently running with the 290.10 Nvidia .run package installed into the 2.6.38-8-lowlatency kernel.

renoise window can not be moved so that any part of it is cut off by the edge of the screen.

edited to clarify: no issues whatsoever with any other app being able to drag them off the screen with this particular linux partition or DE. It’s not a big deal but I do see why Koppi posted this… it’s abnormal.

follow up…
It seems to only be an issue that manifests itself in gnome.

On the same laptop, I tried another partition with the exact same configuration as above but with the nouveau drivers, same issue.
logged out and back in using the xfce desktop instead of gnome2 and the renoise window could be dragged as far off screen as you want/can with the mouse.
Also no issue with LXDE deskop environment.