Linux: Cannot move window to a smaller second screen

If the second screen has a smaller horizontal resolution that the main screen, you cannot move Renoise onto that screen, although you can work around it by resizing the Renoise window so that its fits horizontally on the other screen, and then move it. This worked automatically in Renoise 2.8, it would resize the window to fit automatically.

Not a very serious bug, but confusing if you don’t know about the workaround.

I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 in 2D mode.

Actually, I discovered that this behaves the same way in Renoise 2.8, I just happened to have a smaller non-maximized window, so I did not have to resize it first.

I think the WM should deal with that.

Fair enough. I thought it used to work before, but I was wrong, so just disregard this. Sorry for the noise!