Linux Configuration

When using Linux I like to keep all of my programs under the same directory ‘/usr/local’. As this is where all my other programs are kept so I was wondering if it’s possible to change the installation directory from ‘/usr/local/share’. I tried to edit the script but when I tried to run renoise it complained about not being able to find the mouse cursor so I guess the directory is embedded in the code as well. Perhaps you could give the user’s a choice and setup a RENOISE_PATH variable, but if they choose the default ‘/usr/local/share’ then this variable won’t be setup and use the embedded path.


What are you talking about? Renoise is installed according linux FHS standard guidelines:…LLOCALHIERARCHY

Binaries go to /usr/local/bin and data files to /usr/local/share. Like all other programs. I don’t think it’s your business to mess with linux filesystem hierarchy. :)

On the page you just referred me to has the line “Locally installed software must be placed within /usr/local”.

I could be wrong though.


Yes it’s placed in /usr/local

Executable binaries go to: /usr/local/bin
Platform independent data files go to: /usr/local/share
Libraries and platform dependent data files go to: /usr/local/share
C header files go to: /usr/local/include

This is exactly what renoise does. If you want something like /usr/local/renoise/ folder or even worse all renoise files extracted to /usr/local/ then this is violation of FHS.