Linux: Copy And Paste Between Two Renoise Programs


I am a user of renoise under linux and I have two songs that I would like to mix parts of.

So I copy a track (also tried a selection, with same result) from one renoise instance and try
to paste it into the other instance, but nothing happens. If I paste into the nedit editor using
CTRL-V then The track data is pasted, but not if I use the middle mouse button to do the paste.

Does anyone know a solution for this or am I doing something wrong?


The middlemouse button in Renoise is used to force keyboard focus to the area that you want to have keyboard focus (even when it is locked). CTRL-V should work in another Renoise instance as well (be it that the cursor is also placed in the same type of area the data belongs to).
If not then this might be a bug.


Ok, I will file a bug report.

Edit: here it is…

Use this script?

Download here.

Ah, great, thanks!

That would do the trick I think,… now I’ll try :)